Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New idea

To be used as a human ash-tray upstairs now.

Rule 1: 2 Cold Showers Every Day

Rule 1 is that my husband is to have 2 cold showers every day so that he can train his body to submit to me.The rules are:
  • He must have a cold shower for 5 mins to be taken within 5 mins of getting up EVERY MORNING... No excuses... No discussion... He must not wait to be asked!
  • He must have a cold shower between 6-8pm every night for 5 mins EVERY NIGHT... No excuses. No discussion... He must not wait to be asked!
  • These showers are unsupervised. (if there is any doubt that they happen then supervised shower sessions last for a minimum of 15 mins)
  • The length of and number of showers in one day is subject to change depending on submissive husband's general performance
  • All showers to be reported to his diary blog within 1 hour, otherwise the showers must be retaken
  • All showers must be 100% cold and on maximum water power
  • In the Blog he must report that shower has taken place, thank me for having a shower, and talk about this feelings in the shower and how the showers are helping him show submission and obedience to me.

Rule 2: Thinking Time every day

Rule 2 is that my husband will have some time to himself everyday so that he can think things through and report back to me.

So, after the second shower between 6-8pm, my husband is to go straight to the bedroom, where I will handcuff him, with hands behind his back, so that he can have some thinking time.

The length of the thinking time is at my discretion. Minimum 30 mins, but potentially lasting for a few hours.

At the start of each session I write down on paper or just tell him what he needs to think about, and within 1 hour of each session a full report back is to be made on the blog.

Any comments made by me will be by blog comments.

Rule 4: Will enthusiastically try new ideas as directed to improve submission

Rule4 is that my husband will enthusiastically try out new ideas as directed to improve submission.

I will be trying out new ideas on him on a daily basis to improve his submission. At all times he will:

  • show genuine enthusiasm for new ideas
  • to submit and satisfactorily complete all ideas
  • to beg for new ideas and old ones to be repeated via this blog

The No 1 aim is to improve my husband's submission to the level where he is happy he is being tested with new and old ideas and positively embraces each one.

For example, I should not be able to tell which ideas he likes the best, or does not like, because his level of submission is such that he is happy to do anything he is asked to do, with enthusiasm, and is begging for every idea to be done again.

Any idea which in my opinion is proven to increase his submission level can be added to the 'rules for my submissive husband' at any time.

Rule 3: Offer a full domestic service for the house

Rule 3 is that my husband is to provide a full domestic service for house.

He is expected to: Do all clothes washing and putting away in wardrobe, all washing up and tidying up. Cleaning of all surfaces everywhere.

Then as and when required to provide a supervised full scrubbing service for all floors and surfaces in house while naked.

This scrubbing service will be on all fours, and his arse will be kept facing me at all times. I will discipline him as necessary with a whip if required; depending on performance!!

Rule 5: No discussions including finances!

Rule 5 is that there will never be a physical discussion about submission again. This is the only forum for communication. Submission means losing control, and all directions, punishments and other comments will be followed as entered by me.

Also no control over finances. Husband to give up all credit and debit cards and move to pocket money system, which i will decide on weekly basis.

I will take control of all income and expediture, which means no control over direction of spending. In a bar not allowed to ask for a drink, as a drink will be bought, or money will be given for a drink of my choosing.

Whilst shopping for clothes or food, you are asked to remain silent. When clothes shopping you are expected to be enthusiastic about all clothes offered, as you are a submissive, all clothes will be bought for you without discussion.